The Lion King Hero

In school, we have been watching The Lion King to learn about ecosystems. In the movie there are heroes like Simba, Mufasa and, Nala. I have a hero too. He is my grandpa and he sadly passed away a long time ago. I called him Pop-Pop. He was brave to be in the military as an electrician. It was a hard job. Mufasa was brave because he saved Simba by fighting the hyenas. Pop-Pop was funny because he would make jokes at my dad and my uncle a lot. Nala was funny when she was young and when she played around. My grandpa was very nice. Simba was nice to everyone too. Pop-pop was a lot like some of the characters from The Lion King.

Social Media and Extra Curricular Activities

Let’s say I am on the cheer squad (I am not) and I am teasing someone online and the person doesn’t like it. Should I be kicked off of the cheer squad? I don’t know what you think about this but I think If someone was being mean, they should be kicked off. First of all, it would teach the person a lesson. Although the comment may not have anything to to with the extra curricular they are on, being kicked off the tam or club would give the person time to think about what they have done and maybe even try to fix it. A lady named Christine Rubino wrote on Facebook after a sixth grader drowned on a field trip,”After today, I am thinking the beach sounds like a wonderul idea for my fifth graders? I HATE THEIR GUTS! They are all the devils spawn!” This was quoted by Micheal Gonchar, the author of the article. She did get fired but then got her job back. I think she deserved to lose her job because that was very mean and the students’ parents or the students could have seen it and probably did. I can imagine that would make them pretty angry. There are to many bad things posted on social media and the only way to teach the people not to do that is to take away something they like. They wouldn’t do it again if they knew that they could get taken of a team or orginization. In my opinion, the people who do these bad things on social media should have to be taken away from an extra curricular activity.


Something that I enjoy doing is singing. I realy don’t knw when I started singing but I think that it was when I could talk and heard music on the radio. I was very shy about it and would not sing in front of anyone. In fourth rade I decided to try the school drama club although I was very unsure about it. I ended up loving it and sang a solo in front of the whole school and then in front of my parents. It was two words but it was a big deal to me. Later, I got invited to go to a theatre day camp during the summer with some of my friends. It was at a place called,”Kids on Stage”. I ended up liking that more than he school play so I did mor plays and group vocals there. After a while, I wanted to do private voice lessons there so my mom suprised me with my first voice lesson. That was so fun so I kept doing it every Monday for half an hour. I still do it and it is so amazing! I am also in the Choir at school.

Singer by Hernan Pinera

I also have a passion for instrumets. I wanted a guitar and so my dad got me one for my birthday so I started guitar lessons and I didn’t really like it so since we had a keyboard at m house, the same guy started teaching me piano and that was more fun for me than guitar so I stopped doing guitar and kept doing piano. I fourth grade, the music teacher started eaching us how to play the recorder and I was the first fourth grader to finish all the songs in the book. I loved it. Then fourth grade ended and we started fifth grade. It was the first year that the music teacher taught the fifth graders ukulele. I used the schools’s ukulele. I enjoyed it very much so I got a ukulele for Christmas and I was mostly self taught because we only learned three chords in class. I learned many songs at home. This year I joined band class and I play the clarinet. Band is one of my favorite parts of the day. I still play the ukulele but I play the clarinet more often. I rarely play the recorder , sometimes play the piano, and I almost ever play my guitar. My friend has a very interesting blog about music.

Candace’s Blog

History of Music


One more of my hobbies is reading. I’m not really sure why I love reading so much but I tink I like it because it is relaxing for me. Right now I am reading Runaway Dolls, Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets, and Holes. Reading Holes is a school assignment but none of the others are. My favorite genre to read is realistic fiction and fantasy is growing on my. I do not like mystery but I will probably give it a shot soon. I do not like reading nonfiction books because they are usually not as fun to read as fiction books. I do read in my free time and if you want any suggestions for books, my latest favorite is a book called Pay it Forward and I love it so much that I have read it two times. There is a student and adult version and I read the student one. It was so inspiring! I love it when I find the perfect book because when I do, I know it and it is the best feeling ever. Well, those are some of my hobbies. Thanks for reading! What are your hobbies?

20% Goals and Accomplishments

So far, doing my 20% project has been something that I look forward to every week. I have had so much fun working on it with my partner, Candace. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then read my last blog about my 20% project. So anyway, as you may know, my project is called Spread the Happiness and we do random acts of kindness for people that we don’t even know. Right now we are getting our first big act of kindness planned out.

Sometime in December we will go to the Kroger parking lot and put nice notes in people’s windshields. We are still deciding on the details like what the notes will say and who will take us but I am sure that it will be super fun. I am not sure when we will do our next big act of kindness, but it will probably be in February or March ad we already have ideas. I feel so excited and happy that we are doing this. Over the next few weeks, we will have it all planned out and probably do the act of kindness. If not, we will do a lot of preparing for it. So, that is just an update on what is going on!

The picture below shows how I feel about my project!

Be Happy by Self_Same_Self


My Favorite Holidays!

Christmas is a very fun holiday and it is my absolute favorite! I love waking up to see the beautiful decorated tree and everything underneath it, whether it is mine or someone elses’. I say that because I love giving presents as much as getting and I enjoy every part of Christmas. My family has many traditions for this holiday and alot of them are very popular throughout the world meaning that many people do these as well as my family. Something that I enjoy doing every year is leaving a path of food for the reindeer. We do it on Christmas Eve right before we go to bed. Another thing I like to do is wrap presents. My Mom and I both love to wrap the presents because we can be very creative and have a lot of fun. I also love to decorate the Christmas tree. Over the years, I have gotten less and less help from my brother but he participates in many other traditions. Anyway, decorating the tree is so fun for me because some ornaments have old pictures or are handmade by us. Also, when I am finished I look back at my work and am proud of what I have done.

Sunset over Washington DC - Christmas DayCreative Commons License Richard Ricciardi via Compfight                                                              Christmas Jokes

Halloween is my second favorite holiday and not just because of all of the candy. First, I really enjoy carving pumpkins because I get to design one of my very own and I also like sticking my hands into the goop inside the pumpkin! One of my other favorite traditions is making my costume. I do not buy my costumes from the stores. Instead I make them with my mom. This year I was a holy cow. Get it?! Then, on Halloween I get to put my costume on and wear it to school and for trick-or-treating. One more thing that I do is I always meet up with my friend Abby and we go trick-or-treating with eachother and it is so fun!

Halloween Jokes

Easter is my third favorite holiday. Like the other holidays, I have many traditions. One of the traditions is that we always get an Easter basket that has delicious candy, small gifts, etc. One thing we always have in our easter baskets are chocolate bunnies. My brother and I get one every year and they are SO delicious! Another thing we  always do is find Easter eggs. Depending on the weather, they will be hidden inside or outside. They are filled with candy and I love opening them and watching the candy pour out. Usually there are jelly beans inside or chocolate. One more thing that we always do on easter is eat a lot of candy sense we collected a bunch from our baskets and easter eggs. That is what we do on Easter!

Easter Jokes

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My Amazing Pets!

If you don’t already know, I LOVE animals. I am even a president of an animal club (If you want to know more about that, read my first blog). If you did read that blog, you know that I have many pets. To be specific, I have two cats and ten fish. Here are my fish names: Fred, Spot, Flash, Whiskers, Coral, Stripes, Weeny, Midight, Voilet, and Pat Black. There is nothing really interesting about them other than how I came up with the names,”Pat Black” and,”Weeny”.When we got Pat, his bag came undone in the car. The water almost spilled on the floor and he almost died. Just in time, I tied the bag again just like the people at petsmart do. So, I was like the doctor  and he was like the patient. Pat is short for patient. we got, “Black” because he is all black and there is an actor named Pat Black. We got the name, “Weeny” because he is black and orange like Halloween. Weeny is short for Halloween.

Facts about fish

So, my cats are more interesting than the fish. One of my cats’ names is Oreo although she is not black and white. We came up with her name when we were singing an Oreo parody of a song. My brother picked her out. She has very long black fur and big bright green eyes. She is a very weird cat. One wierd thing she does is she plays in toilet. It is gross and funny at the same time and sometimes when I walk by the bathroom, I see her draped over the toilet! She also cries. What I mean by that is she will come near me and meow her little heart out. Eventually, I pick her up and pet her. Another thing that she does is lay on her back with her stomach visible. It is hard to explain but it is so CUTE! Oreo is a lap cat and is very loving, but they only like one of my friends. The rest of them, she does not allow. She thinks she is the boss of the house. She also likes to stand right in front of the computer if someone is using it. I love my cat, Oreo!

Facts About Cats

My other cat’s name is Pippy. I picked her out. She came with the name,”Pippy” and I loved it so we kept her name. She is a Calico cat and if you didn’t know, most Calico cats are females. She is  a very beautiful cat. Like Oreo, she is strange. One funny thing about her is that she has an obsession of laying on paper, cloth and she also likes laying in boxes. Even if it is tiny, she will try to fit in it. She basically likes to lay in or on anything she can find. She also loves cold water, and sometimes I get her some she will stand like a human and meow. She also knock on my door. What I mean by that is that she wiggles my doorknob when she wants to come in. This is very loud so it is her way of telling me,”Let me in please! I want to come lay with you!” I love my cat, Pippy! Thanks for reading and tell me about your pets in the comments below if you have pets!


(The animals below are not my pets)

Mr. Sand man Valerie via Compfight'Boo Being Boo'Creative Commons License DaPuglet via CompfightHuge Eyes 🐱 (** Explored) stratman² (2 many pix!) via CompfightMasked Rabbitfish - Siganus puellus zsispeo via Compfight

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Spread The Happiness (20%)

For my 20% project, I chose to do something called, “Spread the Happiness” and my partner is Candace.

I am very excited to pursue my project. I love making people happy because I am a happy person myself, and it will be so fun to spread that happiness everywhere I go. I am also nervous about starting my project because this is a big goal and if I want to achieve it, I will have to work very hard. This project is also very stressful because I have this to do, homework, and other activities to do, but I know that once I finish, it will all be worth it.

Some of our major goals for November are to send another email to our mentor, and to get our first big act of kindness planned out. We will achieve these goals mostly on Fridays because on those days we get class time.

Candace’s Blog

See my Visual Aide for more information.

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Escape From the School

It was the last week of school and I was very tired from waking up so early that morning. I dragged myself to first period. At my school, the last week of school is the worst because we take exams and tests all day long. Usually we will also have to spend 4 hours on the tests outside of school. My first period was math and I was totally dreading it! Just to make it worse, my school’s air conditioning wasn’t working that day so that made it even harder to learn.BücherstapelCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

I went in to Mrs.Mim’s class and I immediatly dashed to the seat by the window. I loved that seat because you got the most fresh air wich was good because the classroom smelled like rotten eggs and moldy bread. The window seat was also in the back of the class where Mrs. Mrim  couldn’t see me so I got to do whatever I wanted. I decided to just daydream for a while. I was just thinking about a legend I had heard about if you see a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich leaping on rainbows, there will be a secret passageway to get out of school. It was pretty funny to think about.

Five minutes later, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something jumping so I looked out the window. There it was. The peanut-butter and jelly sandwich jumping on rainbows…………. and it waved at me! I didn’t know what to do, so I nudged my elbow into my friend, Kristin and pointed out the window. Her jaw dropped so much that I thought it was going to fall on the floor. She started to scream but I covered her mouth before Mrs.Mrim could look over. Zoey almost ruined the secret when she raised her hand to tattle on us, but before Mrs.Mim could call on her, I yelled out, “I like french toast!” Everybody laughed except Mrs.Mim. She made me sit by her desk for the rest of class.

After what had seemed like 5 years worth of math, it was social studies. This class was the worst of them all! Just as class started, I saw an opening in the wall. “Could it be the secret passageway?” I thought. While the teacher wasn’t looking, I made a run for it. I zoomed into the opening and kept running until I couldn’t see them anymore. Then….CRASH!!! Kristin was there. She said that she saw an opening in the floor in her class (PBL). We decided to keep wandering through the tiny hall.

We had been crawling for a while so we took a small break to play on our phones. This, “small break” turned out to be 3 hours. Then we kept wandering through until  we saw the peanut-butter sandwich again. It said,”Hi, my name is Xelomeenadelomangy but you can call me Xelo. I am here to help you escape from school. Follow me and don’t ask me any questions.”  We did what he said and he led us to a watermelon. Sara was there eating some. We didn’t think it was too wierd because she LOVES watermelon. Next we heard someone singing. It was Candace. We walked by her. It seemed like we could see them but they couldn’t see us. Then we saw Jessie drawing. After that, we saw Anya eating strawberries, Jasmine reading, and Shelby talking about polkadots. It was very odd but finally we saw light. wer ran towards it until we were in a room. It was the detention room. “Welcome to detention” Said Mr. Willer and then Mrs.Quoft siad, “You were sleeping in class so we brought you here.

I had my first Dutch lesson at Travix last night. So that's a thing now. Realising I can't even speak to a toddler. Also homework. Homework! Iain Croll via Compfight

(I based the names of these teachers and kids off of real people although alot of this story was exagerating or not true)

Here is a funny youtube video that is simular to my story:

Escape From School Video

Credit goes to SevenPerfectAngels!

Here is a fun escape from school game:

Escape From School Game

Credit goes to HoodaMath!

Commenting Challenge

Here is a comment that I posted:

Hey Candace! If you didn’t know, I am too very passionate about music. Like you, I have played five instruments! I loved your blog, but I did have one question: If you could try any other instrument in the world, what would it be? Please respond as quick as possible. Thanks!

Here is the link to their blog:

Candace’s blog

I chose to read her blog because I know her personally and we have a lot in common. We are alike because we both have a passion for instruments and we have both played five instruments. I left this comment because I wanted to start a conversation with her by asking her a question about music. Candace is a smart, interesting writer, so that is another reason I commented on her blog. Thanks for reading! If you want to leave a comment on my blog, I’d love to hear from you!

Fun With Stories!

Gatos callejeros / Stray catsCreative Commons License Gabriel González via Compfight

It was 11:57 P.M. and Thunder the cat was ready for midnight. Midnight is feast time and it is when all the critters come out. But, it is also when the other cats come out to hunt. She wasn’t scared of anything.

“Yes!” She thought, it is midnight and I see a mouse. Little did she know that another cat had it’s eye on that same mouse. As she creeped up on the mouse, she saw the cat. The cat smacked Thunder and the mouse escaped. Thunder was bleeding on her front right leg. She was lying on the ground and she could not move, but she was so hungry.

At 2:00 a.m., thunder woke up. She realized that she was still in the same spot. A mouse was right in front of her face and she was so hungry that she new she had to try. Thunder clawed the mouse as hard as she could with her paw injured and………….


Activity 4

Did You Say Treat? Thomas Hawk via CompfightKittensCreative Commons License Susanne Nilsson via Compfight

  Have a mint, buddy Daniele Nicolucci via CompfightMaxi & Mini. Alex de Haas via Compfight

239/365/3161 (February 5, 2017) - Sleeping Beagle - Flappy on a Lazy Sunday Corey Seeman via Compfight



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