Me as a Little Cartoon Avatar!

To create my avatar, I chose to use a website called, “Build Your Wild Self”. (There is a link down below) I thought that website was pretty cool because I could build myself but put a little spin on it by making it, “wild”. The first time I created it, I did it all normal and put nothing special on to it. But then I decided to have some fun with it and put butterfly wings. I did not want to put too many crazy things on my avatar because I wanted to still see my face. However, I do love my avatar now because it shows what I look like and puts some fun into it. Now, you might be wondering,”Why did you put butterfly wings onto it when you had all those other choices of accessories to put on your avatar?” The answer to that is I think butterflies are very colorful and pretty (especially their wings) and I imagine that if you just dumped out my brain lots of colors and beautiful, fun things would come out because I am a very happy person. (Nobody is going to literally dump out my brain) In conclusion, I feel that my avatar really expresses me. Thanks for reading my blog

Build Your Wild Self

2 thoughts on “Me as a Little Cartoon Avatar!

  1. Hi Naomy! I am so glad that you came to my blog! I have read many of your posts and I always think they are so interesting! Also, I did not draw my avatar. I made it on a website and it was so fun. I noticed that you dion’t have an avatar and I wanted to ask you if you would create one because I would love to see it. As I read your comment, I was wondering if you like to draw. I do!

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