Fun With Stories!

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It was 11:57 P.M. and Thunder the cat was ready for midnight. Midnight is feast time and it is when all the critters come out. But, it is also when the other cats come out to hunt. She wasn’t scared of anything.

“Yes!” She thought, it is midnight and I see a mouse. Little did she know that another cat had it’s eye on that same mouse. As she creeped up on the mouse, she saw the cat. The cat smacked Thunder and the mouse escaped. Thunder was bleeding on her front right leg. She was lying on the ground and she could not move, but she was so hungry.

At 2:00 a.m., thunder woke up. She realized that she was still in the same spot. A mouse was right in front of her face and she was so hungry that she new she had to try. Thunder clawed the mouse as hard as she could with her paw injured and………….


Activity 4

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    • Actually, those are not all of my pets, they are just pictures I found online. Although I do have many pets and I have a blog about them! It is called,”My Amazing Pets!!!” Do you have any pets, Naomy?

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