Something that I enjoy doing is singing. I realy don’t knw when I started singing but I think that it was when I could talk and heard music on the radio. I was very shy about it and would not sing in front of anyone. In fourth rade I decided to try the school drama club although I was very unsure about it. I ended up loving it and sang a solo in front of the whole school and then in front of my parents. It was two words but it was a big deal to me. Later, I got invited to go to a theatre day camp during the summer with some of my friends. It was at a place called,”Kids on Stage”. I ended up liking that more than he school play so I did mor plays and group vocals there. After a while, I wanted to do private voice lessons there so my mom suprised me with my first voice lesson. That was so fun so I kept doing it every Monday for half an hour. I still do it and it is so amazing! I am also in the Choir at school.

Singer by Hernan Pinera

I also have a passion for instrumets. I wanted a guitar and so my dad got me one for my birthday so I started guitar lessons and I didn’t really like it so since we had a keyboard at m house, the same guy started teaching me piano and that was more fun for me than guitar so I stopped doing guitar and kept doing piano. I fourth grade, the music teacher started eaching us how to play the recorder and I was the first fourth grader to finish all the songs in the book. I loved it. Then fourth grade ended and we started fifth grade. It was the first year that the music teacher taught the fifth graders ukulele. I used the schools’s ukulele. I enjoyed it very much so I got a ukulele for Christmas and I was mostly self taught because we only learned three chords in class. I learned many songs at home. This year I joined band class and I play the clarinet. Band is one of my favorite parts of the day. I still play the ukulele but I play the clarinet more often. I rarely play the recorder , sometimes play the piano, and I almost ever play my guitar. My friend has a very interesting blog about music.

Candace’s Blog

History of Music


One more of my hobbies is reading. I’m not really sure why I love reading so much but I tink I like it because it is relaxing for me. Right now I am reading Runaway Dolls, Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets, and Holes. Reading Holes is a school assignment but none of the others are. My favorite genre to read is realistic fiction and fantasy is growing on my. I do not like mystery but I will probably give it a shot soon. I do not like reading nonfiction books because they are usually not as fun to read as fiction books. I do read in my free time and if you want any suggestions for books, my latest favorite is a book called Pay it Forward and I love it so much that I have read it two times. There is a student and adult version and I read the student one. It was so inspiring! I love it when I find the perfect book because when I do, I know it and it is the best feeling ever. Well, those are some of my hobbies. Thanks for reading! What are your hobbies?

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