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Hello! I am so happy you are reading my blogs! If you didn’t know already, My name is Ava W. I live in a family of four. (not including my pets) In my family, there is me, my older brother, my dad, and, my mom. I am 11 years old as of right now and I am in sixth grade. I have two cats named Pippy and Oreo. I also have ten fish named Fred, Spot, Whiskers, Flash, Stripes, Coral, Molly, Midnight, Violet, and Weeny. (the name Weeny is a long story) My cats are very weird, funny, loving, and cute. My fish are………well, they are just fish. there is not much to say about them except how we thought of the name,”Weeny”. But I will probably talk about my pets more thoroughly in a blog.

One thing I like to do in my free time is reading. I love to read but I don’t like fantasy books or the mystery genre. My favorite genre is realistic fiction. Another thing I like to do is watch Youtube on my ipad. Some of my favorite youtubers are Stampylonghead/Stampylongnose, Popularmmos, and Kitten Lady. In fact, when I grow up I want to foster kittens and save lives just like she does. I have been an animal lover all of my life but I have always been more of a cat person. However, I do love all animals and I know that when I grow up I want to always be around them. This leads me to another topic: A.A.L.S. This is an organization that I am one of the two presidents of. This is nonprofit and we help to stop animal abuse and let anials have happier lives. If you want to learn more about that, you can read my first blog which is all about A.A.L.S. Thanks for reading! Please look at my blogs!

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